Peter had learned how to process his own film and prints by the age of twelve – deeply fascinated by cameras and all aspects of taking images ever since he can remember. Born and raised near Cologne, he was first attracted by the TV-industry but eventually found his way into professional photography, as a photo assistant, followed by a time of intense traveling as a location scout and photo producer.
He’s been largely influenced by his father’s enthusiasm, the photographic style of Irving Penn, Anton Corbijn and inspired by the entire approach of his former client, Peter Lindbergh.
Peter loves to master all demands of a technically complex photoshoot, while still focusing on the lightness of genuine human emotion, that makes a truly authentic image. He is said to be a skilled planner, as well as a keen creative and engaging company, making it fun for clients, models and crew to feel confident and at ease with whatever task ahead.
Recently, he has been largely burying himself in the unequalled, free artistic mission to picture the heroes of the entire first year of Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie, shooting intimate portraits of staff, visitors and performers alike. The work will be published as a book in 2018.
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Photo by Claudia Gödke. Thank you!

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